How do I record a Zoom meeting?

A scheduled event should be displayed in the TapeACall Calendar feature under your schedule with a green toggle shown next to it. The following information should be handy prior to starting recording a Zoom meeting: 

  • TapeACall access number - The phone number that appears when selecting the record call button.
  • Zoom location number - The phone number used to call into your scheduled meeting.
  • Zoom Meeting ID
  • Zoom Passcode

To automatically record a meeting, simply enable the green toggle on this event so that it is set to the right most position. 

If you would like to manually record this meeting, follow these steps here:

  1. Select the Red Record button
  2. Select the Call
  3. Select the Continue
  4. Select the the option to call the +1 number
  5. Select the Add call
  6. Dial Location number from your meeting’s Zoom link and tap Call
  7. Select the Merge calls 
  8. Enter Zoom Meeting ID followed by the pound 
  9. Enter Zoom Participant ID (if there is one) followed by # or just enter #
  10. Enter Zoom meeting Passcode followed by the pound 
  11. Hang up when done with the meeting 

Once you hang up, you should receive a pop up notification on the top of the screen saying “Your recording is now available.” The newly created recording should be shown under the “All” and “Events” section. When you tap on the recording under “All” or “Events”, you should be able to play it and transcribe your recording by selecting View Transcription.

PLEASE NOTE: Only meetings created from a Premium Zoom account can be recorded with TapeACall. Meetings created under a Basic Zoom account will not have an access number for TapeACall to call in to.

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